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Undercover Makeover

IMG_1537-2James Shoemaker isn’t just a cop, he’s the kinda cop you often see glorified on TV crime dramas or in Hollywood movies. However, in the real world, brave officers like James are not racing down I-696, guns blazing, chasing bad guys. They keep a much lower profile, doing the dirty, diligent work that help put drug dealers behind bars and keep drugs off the streets.

You see, for the last 3 years James Shoemaker has been an undercover narcotics officer for Metro Detroit Narcotics Task Force. And in order to go undercover, you not only have to play the part, you have to look the part. James grew his hair out and rocked a shaggy goatee to help him blend into the grimey, drug underground. His brave work helped him put over 300 people behind bars. However, as much as James found his undercover work rewarding, the time came to return to his real life and persona. “It was a temp job,” Jim Laughs. “My time was up. Time for bigger and better things.”

1010111_734798109886187_1433011862_nEnter Abby Duncan, Jim’s hair designer at One Salon. “Jim called and said that his undercover work was done and he was going back to being a uniformed officer, so he needed a makeover. He told me he was going to donate his hair to Children With Hair Loss, a nonprofit that provides free wigs to children…and Channel 4 was doing a story on it…so be ready for some cameras in your face.”

With the cameras rolling and Abby manning the scissors and clippers Jim’s transformation became a reality. “My wife is gonna be happy,” Jim laughed. “Now maybe she’ll go out on a date with me.”

Check out the full story from Channel 4 below.

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