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Cosmakery: Our Best-Kept Secret

It seems that one of the best-kept secrets at One Salon is our cosmetics line, Cosmakery. Unfortunately, it’s not supposed to be a secret at all. Cosmakery is one of the most exclusive and amazing lines we carry; yet all the marketing we do for our hair services and products often overshadow it. My fault. I’m in charge of marketing; I’ll take the blame. Bad Deadpool.

Now I don’t wear make-up, cuz, well, that would be weird, and I’m not a cosmetologist. I don’t know a buffing powder from a lip-gloss. However, I feel this uniquely qualifies my opinion because I have no bias whatsoever. I simply listen to the feedback from our clients and staff, and I can tell you with full confidence that anyone that has used Cosmakery is in love with it. Why? Well, because it was created in part to help make-up make sense. It simplifies the purchasing process by taking out the guesswork, from the shades to the products themselves. Furthermore, Cosmakery’s simple application system empowers you to look the way you want to look, every day, with your own two hands.

Okay, so I ripped that last line right off their web site, and if you are feeling skeptical, I fully understand. Of course they are going to say that. It’s marketing, it’s propaganda. Okay, okay, calm down. You sound as cynical as me. Sheesh! Let me give you an example of what they are talking about. I have heard from many women that finding the right foundation is their biggest challenge. Unlike other make-up lines that have 10 million shades to choose from, Cosmakery only has 4, and they sync up with all skin tones. They also have 4 concealers that, you guessed it, correspond to the foundation. That sounds pretty simple to me. Furthermore, Cosmakey’s Buffing Foundation is one of their best sellers because it works; there is no need for primer. It self sets to a powder, lasts 24 hours, has an SPF 15, and contains no oil.

Finally, does Cosmakery pass the eyeball test? Because we all know at the end of the day, it’s all about how you look. So from my eyeballs to yours, let me say that I have never seen more beautiful faces of make-up walking out of One Salon until we switched to Cosmakery. So now imagine being able to capture that look, every day, by yourself.

So now that I have eased your skepticism and hopefully stirred your interest, check out this link from Cosmakery creator, Emmy award winning make-up artist, and owner of the Make-up Loft in Downtown Plymouth, Michigan, Janelle Thomason.

Don’t forget! Stop in to One Salon for a free color match and learn more about Cosmakery’s revolutionary make-up system.