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Things I’ve Learned Running A Hair Salon: Next Gen Dry Shampoo

Before I worked in the hair industry, the only time I thought about shampoo was when I ran out of it in the shower. Of course, after 7 years of running a salon, I understand the benefits of using a proper shampoo. I now use Kerastase Bain Stimuliste for my follicly challenged noggin cuz ya gotta thicken what you have left. Know what I’m sayin? And yes, professional salon exclusive shampoos are waaaaaay better than the crap they sell at the grocery store. However, what I would like to focus on today is dry shampoo. Apparently, this is a thing. It sounds like an oxymoron to me, but it’s been a real thing for a long, long time.

In the United States, the first historical reference of dry shampoo can be traced back to the late 1700s when ground starches were used to color and deodorize the wigs of our forefathers. Makes sense, it was a stinky time back then and powders and perfumes were used in lieu of bathing. In 1940, Minipoo was the first commercial dry shampoo made available to consumers, and the demand increased through the 1970’s due to busy homemakers desperate for a quick and easy way to clean their hair.

Fast-forward to today and dry shampoo is experiencing another boom. Mainly for the same reason, modern women are balancing careers with families, and now more than ever they need a quick and easy way to clean their hair. However, there are some drawbacks to dry shampoo. The unfortunate truth is that many of them look and feel like baby powder. Your hair ends up feeling heavy and there is a noticeable white residue. The most common complaint I hear from our stylists, (besides “why can’t I be married to Justin Timberlake?”) is “why can’t someone develop a dry shampoo that is lightweight and invisible?”

Never fear! The mad scientists at Bumble & bumble’s secret product development lab buried deep underneath Jenna Duke’s condo in metro Detroit have come up with a solution! They have just released the next generation of dry shampoos: Prêt-à-powder Trés Invisible and Très Nourishing Invisible. Both leave behind zero evidence of powdery white residue and will soak up any oil on your scalp while adding volume. Furthermore, B&b infused hydrating hibiscus extract into the Nourishing spray to avoid drying out your hair. “I would definitely recommend it to any of my clients that use dry shampoo,” declared One Salon stylist Allie Bendernagel. “It’s fast and easy to apply, and my hair does not feel dusty, it actually feels light and kinda silky…and it smells good too!”

Sounds like our friends at Bumble & bumble have done it again. Find Prêt-à-powder Trés Invisible and Très Nourishing Invisible in the Bumble & bumble section at One Salon.