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The New Hotness?

Bumble & bumble’s brand spanking new product, While You Sleep, is now on One Salon’s retail shelves! So what is it and why should you care? Glad you asked. While You Sleep is a restorative mask that helps reverse the appearance of damaged hair…while you sleep. Get it. Oh those clever peeps in the Bumble marketing department…but I digress.

While You Sleep’s advanced hair repair technology claims to reduce breakage and restore your hair’s healthy look and feel. It’s blended with antioxidant-packed camellia oil and super-nourishing evening primrose. It’s supposed to be the new hotness, and so far, both clients and staff say it’s legit! One Salon stylist, Jen Battle proclaims, “I used it last night and my hair is like silk today. Plus it smells amazing. Bumble & bumble is one of my favorite lines.” Hmmm…sounds like Detroit Bumble & bumble diva Jenna Duke paid her off. Of course, I kid. Others that have used While You Sleep have made the same claim. So, yes! My skeptical ass officially declares this product as the “new hotness”.

If you’re one of those peeps that regularly blast your hair with heat from a blow dryer or a flat iron, Bumble & bumble’s new While You Sleep just might be the product to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.