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featured designer / Abbey Nichols

abbeyIt comes as no surprise to anyone that knows Abbey Nichols that she chose to pursue a career in the beauty industry. As a child, Abbey was immersed in a very creative environment. “My mom is an art teacher and very creative, fashionable…into that whole world. She used to take me to the salon with her and we would always go shopping for clothes and make up,” recalls Abbey. “Being surrounded by that culture definitely had an impact on me. I remember being about 10 years old and thinking, one day I’m going live in New York City and do hair and make-up and work at Fashion Week.”

Iggy2When Abbey came to One Salon, we instantly knew we had lightening in a bottle. She was young, driven and truly passionate about the industry. Furthermore, she has an appreciation and love for style, art, and music…all things that are limitless in their creative expression…just like hair design. “I definitely draw inspiration from those things,” agrees Abbey. “The beauty industry is always evolving, there are no rules, you have the freedom to try new things. Obviously, it has to meet the needs of the client, but there really are no boundaries. This is my art, a head of hair is a blank canvas to me.”

Abbey is now a full time hair designer at One Salon. Her passion helped her fast-track her way through the One Salon education program, assisting our Director of Education, Jeanine Cushion as well as Owner, Janine Exline and Senior Designer Emily Eaton. “I wanted to learn from the best and they were all great mentors and teachers,” Abbey asserts. “Not only did I hone my technical skills, but I learned so much about how to manage my day and my clients and all the little things you can only learn through experience.”

image-4Abbey excels at all aspects of hair design, but really enjoys styling. “I love everything equally, but I do enjoy styling,” she states in an excited, passionate voice, the kind of voice that comes with confident, youthful exuberance. “You can be so creative and artistic and it’s the part of doing hair that you can teach the client how to do at home.”

Check out Abbey’s  Instagram for more hair designs and fashion inspirations!