One Salon and Spa Michigan

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One Salon Mommies

There’s a running joke at One Salon that we always tell our clients. “Don’t drink the water, you might end up pregnant”. You laugh, but since I have been General Manager, there is always at least 2 people pregnant. Usually 5 or 6. Let’s see, in 2 1/2 years we have welcomed babies from: Lisa Bashor, Lauren Kyser, Julie Fox, Kara Brown, Erika Lescavage, Stacey Moore, Maradith Cholewa, Amanda Lyman, Britni Mariucci, and Jessica Badarak. And, we currently have Lauren Lea, Morgan Fachinni and Candice Schabestiel ready to pop in a few months. Wow!  At One Salon, we are really good at doing hair, but we might be better at growing humans.  The running joke that we have with each other is…who’s next? For a guy who has never bred, I now know waaaaaay more about pregnancy, child birth and breast feeding than I should. Hell, my office now doubles as a lactation station.

Keeping with the Mother’s Day theme this week, I’d like to salute all the mothers of One Salon (and we have a ton of them). They never cease to amaze me. How they come to work with so much energy, passion and creativity, while raising their families is truly extraordinary. We really are “One” big family. I better go order so more One Salon onesies.

Contributor: Craig Posegay – General Manager / One Salon