One Salon and Spa Michigan

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don’t forget about mom

She took care of you when you were sick, cheered you up when you were sad, held you when you were scared, cooked for you when you were hungry and even smacked ya upside the head when you were being a big dum dum.  She’s your mother and she loves you no matter what.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and the One Salon Boutique has tons of great last second gifts for Mom all designed by local artists. Choose from candles and soaps from JKM Soy Candles, Aromaholic and Cerealfly.  Or amazing hand made jewelry from Ro Lambert Designs, Expressions of Earth and Re Zip-it, as well as screen printed dresses, shirts and pullovers from Ellembee.  Thank your mom for all she’s done for you with a great gift from the One Salon Boutique.