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A letter to ann

My Dearest Mom…Ann Relyea,

I will forever thank you for all of the things you have given me that made me what I am today.  You showed me how to be a good person, a giving person, a caring person, a sympathetic and empathetic person, and how to say I’m sorry, and how to do the right thing. You taught me to never give up, to fight for things you love, to fight for the things you know are right, and to know when to say when. You showed me how to be a woman, how to be a lady, how to be a friend, how to be a mom, and how to have a dream and follow it. You inspired me to be artistic, encouraged me to be who I am and assured me it was ok to be animated and express myself. But most importantly, you taught me how to love and say ‘I love you’. You are truly the most amazing woman and person I have ever known!

I don’t like that I just can’t call you, you are my rock. I wake up everyday without the ability to just dial your number and talk to you, tell you what’s going on, how the kids are, and hear about your life. I remember the day you were diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. I couldn’t believe it. How could this be? You never smoked. We have been so trained that only smokers get lung cancer, and to find out that 40% of all lung cancers are never smokers was just shocking. And then a year later, I was even more stunned when you were told it wasn’t lung cancer. They didn’t know what you had. You were part of the 2-4% of all cancers that can’t be diagnosed… wait… what?! I will forever do whatever I can to help bring an end to that 2-4%, so that others can be helped. I know you would want that.

You left us on April 19th and are now with god, though with us in spirit. I can’t help thinking how lucky my kids, family and I are for having an angel like you looking over us and keeping us safe. It helps calm my sadness. But through our faith we know that we live the life through his words and we will be at his side. As you are now. I know he is keeping you safe.

On this and every other Mother’s Day, though it will be heartbreaking and sad, we will love you and honor you. I know you will be right there, celebrating with us.

I love you then, now and forever mom! I will miss you until I see you again!


Contributor: Janine Exline – Owner / One Salon