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things I’ve learned running a hair salon: clients lie about their hair

Over the past 4 1/2  years I’ve learned many, many things about the industry while running One Salon. However, there is one thing that mystifies me more than anything else…why do clients lie about their hair? Seriously?! Why?!

BrookePerhaps it’s embarrassment or fear of being judged. Maybe it’s a control thing, I really have no idea. What I do know is that not telling the truth about your hair’s history can lead to major problems; especially when color or a chemical treatment is involved. When a stylist asks if you have color on your hair, it is not to judge you or shame you. They need to know so they can figure out how and if they can achieve what you want. Aha! There it is! I just stumbled across my answer. “Achieving what the client wants.” That’s why they lie…out of fear of not getting what they want. Of course! Well, it may seem like a harmless, little-white-lie, until all your hair melts off your head. There’s science and chemicals involved here people, it’s not magic. Your stylist needs to know!

Janine Titty Twister PicHere’s a little secret, that may help you control your fibbing. The majority of the time your stylist CAN achieve what you want. They just need your honesty, so they can properly form a plan of attack. They can’t make your color happen unless they know how to deal with what’s already on your hair. Sometimes it may take a bit longer, but they will get you there; and that’s a lot better than having your hair break off.

If you still think you can pull one over on your stylist, check out the link below.  LOL.