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BhzilhCCQAALQ9lBetween The Walking Dead and The Oscars it was a fun filled Sunday night on TV! But, lets admit the fashion trends at the 86th Oscars were way better than the zombie’s of The Walking Dead. I might even say they were flawless! My girlfriends and I loved all the peplums and colors. The hair and makeup was stunning. And I think we can all agree that Jared Leto (who took home the little gold statue for Best Supporting Actor) looked phenomenal in Yves Saint Laurent and his uber popular ombre hair style. His style is unique, exquisite, and fresh. I love seeing him on the red carpet because he takes everything out of the box and makes it look awesome. The hair is ground breaking in the male fashion world, and I bet we’ll see a lot of men start growing out their mane to rock this look. He is 100% a trend setter.

Another person who looked fantastic in Yves Saint Laurent was Ellen DeGeneres. All three suits she sported looked amazing and were only upstaged by her funny, laid back charm as host. Her jokes were funny and tasteful, and you could really tell she felt completely comfortable around Hollywood’s biggest stars…which made things even more comical. My favorite part was the pizza. She ordered pizza for everybody and began handing it out with an actual pizza delivery man. It was such a simple life situation thrown into a once in a lifetime event which is out of the norm. It was hilarious watching the reaction of all the celebrities as the bit brought levity to a night usually shrouded in suspense and anxiety. Not missing a beat, both Harrison Ford and Bard Pitt light heartedly grabbed a slice and hammed it up for the cameras. Ellen is such an inspirational woman, and she was a pleasure to watch all night.

The Oscars are always full of history making memorable moments and this year was no different. The 86th Oscars made Social Media history when Ellen’s star studded ‘selfie’ became the most re-tweeted tweet in Twitter history! The picture was re-tweeted over 2 million times before midnight on Sunday, beating out President Obama’s picture he tweeted back in 2012 of himself and first lady hugging after winning the election. Way to go Ellen!