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Hot Stone Massage

20140305_132604While preparing to write this post, I was racking my brain trying to come up with a clever intro to describe our Massage Therapist, Cassie Zetz. I finally concluded that no crafty name or anecdote was necessary. Cassie is simply amazing at what she does. Period! And that is no Obamacare-you-can-keep-your-doctor kinda “period”. That is a real, defintive “period”. She is the bomb!

One Salon has been very lucky when it comes to Massage Therapists. Our original was named Maria Tomlin and she was amazing as well. She is actually the one that finally got this old curmudgeon on the table and started chipping away at the concrete that I called my back. When Maria left One Salon to pursue a new career, we were worried. How were we going to replace her. Not only did she give an amazing massage, she also was way into the healing properties of massage on both a medical and holistic level. Well, when I met Cassie Zetz, it was like hitting the Massage Therapist Lotto…again! Cassie’s passion for what she does parallels Maria’s and she just seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to locating and treating people’s pain. Many client’s have mentioned to me that she just kinda knew what was bothering them just by the way they walked. Furthermore, Cassie has this same sense when it comes to how firm or gentle she needs to be with each client in order to provide the benefits they require.

One of the speciality services Cassie offers is Hot Stone Massage. This is a technique where Cassie employs smooth, heated stones as an extension of her hands. She places them on the body while she massages and the heat from the stones deeply relax and heat the muscle tissue. The heat from the stones in conjunction with Cassie’s massage technique allows her to release tight muscle restrictions more efficiently with less discomfort for the client.  There are a few different Hot Stone Massage service options client’s can choose from:

1. Add-on To 60 Minute Massage
2-6 stones are used in specifc areas to deeply warm tissue and enable mucle release.
Price: $59

2. 60 Minute Hot Stone Massage
Massage with 6-12 stones are used in specific problem areas. The stones are left on the body to warm tissue for a few minutes inorder to relax muscle more deeply.
Price: $69

3. 90 Minute Hot Stone Massage
20-30 stones are employed and placed along the spine and on every area of the body.
Price: $110