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The Smooth Collection

One Salon’s love for Moroccanoil has been well documented in this blog, in particular, my obsession with it’s intoxicating scent. They have steadily increased their product line from their staple hair treatment, adding shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, skin creams and of course, my favorite, SCENTED CANDLES!  Now they have upped their game once again with the release of the Moroccanoil Smooth Collection.

The Smooth Collection was born when Moroccanoil founder Carmen Tai noticed that one of her daughter’s friends got up hours before everyone else at a sleepover in order to try and tame her unruly hair before her friends woke up. At least that’s the story Danielle, the freelance writer and beauty expert from The Style & Beauty Doctor blog tells. And she would know cuz she got invited by Moroccanoil to go on a “smooth sailing” trip on the Hudson River along with other superstar NYC bloggers and editors to celebrate the release of the new collection. Get it? Smooth sailing trip…smooth collection. Oh those cheeky marketing monkeys at Moroccanoil.

Anyway, the collection is positioned as the solution for unruly & frizzy hair and includes a smoothing lotion, shampoo, conditioner and mask. Of course, all are enriched with Moroccanoil’s argan oil, ultra-nourishing argan butter, as well as coconut-derived fatty acids, which leave hair soft, shiny, and instantly more manageable.

Here’s the official scoop on each item according to Danielle and her blog:

MOROCCANOIL SMOOTHING SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER: This innovative cleansing and conditioning duo sets the stage for smooth styling. Hair is smoothed from the inside out through an advanced, proprietary AminoRenew™ ingredient that infuses hair with vital amino acids. When used together, hair has a smoother, more manageable appearance for up to 72 hours. 

MOROCCANOIL SMOOTHING LOTION: This lightweight styling product and blow-out essential provides instant control and long-lasting smoothness, shine and frizz-free definition. Taming unruly tresses and improving elasticity, hair becomes touchably soft and smooth with a flawless finish. 

MOROCCANOIL SMOOTHING MASK: This deeply nourishing and conditioning weekly treatment provides long-lasting improvement in hair’s texture, shine, and styling manageability. The concentrated combination of argan butter, argan oil, and coconut-derived fatty acids immediately transforms unruly hair to healthy, shiny and smoother than ever. 

Danielle also offers a few more tidbits to know about the Smoothing Collection…

The Moroccanoil Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner when used as a duo will keep hair looking smooth and manageable for up to 72 hours. While the Smooth Collection can make hair easier to straighten by increasing hair’s manageability and smoothness, it does NOT straighten the hair. The Smooth Collection doesn’t make any chemical changes to the hair—instead it helps improve hair over time by strengthening, nourishing, and conditioning with each use. The Smoothing Collection is color-safe, free of parabens, phosphates, and sulfates.

The Moroccanoil Smooth Collection was recently released in August and is now available at One Salon. Our designers are just starting to work with it and so far the feedback has been positive. “I’ve used the smoothing lotion a few times with my blow drys and it works well,” claims One Salon Designer Ali Slavin. For more info consult your One Salon Designer and don’t forget, tomorrow is the First Friday of August..all professional hair care products are 15% off.