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Straight Razoring in NYC

ny11Spring in NYC, there’s nothing like it. Recently, One Salon Designers Amy Gibson, Kristen Hajduk, and Mary Lowery jetted off to the Big Apple to participate in a Razor Cutting Fundamentals class. Yep, I said razor. As in straight razor, as in Sweeney Todd the Mad Barber of London.

The class was held at Arrojo salon in Soho, home of the one and only Nick Arrojo. As a celebrity stylist, salon owner, educator, TV personality, and leading light in the industry, Nick’s signature razor cutting technique is recognized and practiced worldwide. During the 2-day class, Amy, Kristen and Mary learned the basics of ny10Nick’s cutting technique and practiced using the razor to do all the basic haircuts. Amy only cut herself once and Kristen and Mary manage to escape unscathed. The girls are excited to bring back their newfound razor cutting knowledge to One Salon because education is the foundation of a lasting, prosperous, rewarding career. As Nick Arroyo says, “Vow to never stop learning.”