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New Music Monday

I think everybody would admit, that Monday for the most part, is their least favorite day of the week. So…lets break up the monotony and get rid of the Monday blahs with some fabulous new music!

Recently, I was introduced to a new artist named Kiesza by my cousin Valerie from Belgium. She posted her video for the track “Hideaway” and it immediately caught my attention. Kiesza is originally from Calgary, Canada and before she was channeling her Pop diva awesomeness, she competed in beauty pageants and even did a stint in the Royal Canadian Navy. Her real name is Kiesa Ellestad and kiesza-gorgon-city-1024x1024“Hideaway” was the music video that cast the spotlight on her back in February 2014. It’s just so darn catchy and fun! The beat is fresh and her vocals are absolutely amazing! The lyrics to “Hideaway” evoke many emotions. It’s all sorts of brilliant! The video suits the song perfectly featuring Kiesza kicking it through the streets of LA showing off nostalgic stabs of 90’s fashion and dance moves.

Check Kiesza below and also a remix version from U.K. Electronic Music Production Duo  Gorgon City another music group we’ll be diving into in the future.