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Moroccanoil, crack for your hair

Over the past two years, as general manager of One Salon, I’ve learned a ton about the beauty industry. ‘Roots’ are now referred to as ‘new growth”. Hair designers can go days without eating, sleeping or going to the bathroom. Hair is made up of 90% keratin protein, which is why they call keratin treatments, ‘keratin treatments’. And when there is a full moon and a hair designer asks you to get her chocolate, you best buy her a candy bar if you know what is good for you. However, the most important bit of knowledge I can impart to you is that Moroccanoil is the new crack cocaine. No, really, it is. Once you go Moroccanoil, you never go back.

One Salon sells many wonderful hair care products, from Kerastase to TIGI, but nothing as dangerously addictive as Moroccanoil. For those that don’t know, Moroccanoil is a unique serum that instantly absorbs into hair to create beautiful shine and long term conditioning. Or as I refer to it, ‘hair crack’. “It’s the first oil based product that actually absorbs and does not leave hair greasy”, says Senior Hair Designer Kara Brown. “And it smells like Jesus”. Kara’s right, it does smell amazing. I used the Moroccanoil Shower Gel this morning and I feel one with God. There are actually designers at One Salon that put it on their pets. “Everyday. I rub a little on Bruce’s and Betty’s fur and it makes them happy,” says Designer Emily Eaton. “I just drink it and it makes me feel and smell good from the inside out,” laughs Designer Julie Fox.

To make this epidemic even worse, Moroccanoil recently released their skin care line featuring: a hand cream, exfoliant, body buff, glimmer oil and the aforementioned shower gel; to which I am currently addicted. Furthermore, the Moroccanoil epidemic is dangerously close to spreading outside of the salon world. Last night, while I was playing hockey, a 20 something referee with long brown hair skated up to me and said, “Hey man, I hear you run a salon. Can you get me a discount on Morrocanoil.” Good lord, the Moroccanoil apocalypse is upon us!

Contributor: H.B. Suede