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kerastase initialiste now at one salon

Kerastase has released it’s first super serum that is supposed to visibly transform your hair in one week. It’s called Intialiste Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate.  Kerastase claims that within one week your hair will feel thicker, look shinier and become more resistance to breakage.  They also claim it will maximize the potential length of your hair and keep it longer and stronger as it grows.

During their clinical trials, Kerastase reports that 9 out of 10 women saw visible difference in their hair texture after one week. 89% agreed that their hair was shinier. 87% felt that their hair is thicker. And 86% felt their hair is stronger and softer to the touch.

Well, of course they are going to say that. It’s their product and they want to sell a ton of it. To their credit, Kerastase is an exclusive hair care line and One Salon endorses many of their products as they achieve great results for our clients. But still, does this miracle serum really work? One Salon decided to do our own research to see if this stuff is as super-duper as Kerastase claims.

We enlisted the help of hair designers, Brooke Shrauben & Allie Bendernagel and our salon assistant, Abbey Nichols. They would be our lab rats…muhahahahahah! They have all been using Intialiste for about 3 weeks now and they all say they love it. Hmmmmm…? Did Kerastase pay them off or are they telling the truth? I must dig deeper. Brooke suffers from a dry scalp and she claims that the product has revitalized her scalp and her hair definitely has more shine to it. Allie reports that her hair is shinier and is starting to feel thicker. Abbey has very fine hair and she reports that her hair is stronger and getting thicker. Interesting. So does it work? “I would recommend it to my clients based on the results I have seen in three weeks,” says Allie. “You do start to see a difference after one week, but after a month is when you will really see results,” claims Brooke. And what does our little Abbey have to say? “I loooove it!”

So after careful analysis and semi-scientific testing on our staff, One Salon concludes that the new Kerastase Intialiste works. You do see a bit of a change in your hair after a week, however after 2 to 3 weeks is when you really start seeing results. Of course, the time can vary from person to person based on your hair type, but it does increase the shine, thickness and strength or your hair and revitalize your scalp. Now, if Kerastase could only invent a men’s miracle hair grow that would revitalize the bald spot on the back of my head.

Still not sold? Want to hear about more people’s experience with Kerastase Intialiste? Check out the Simone Loves Makeup blog. She’s an Irish girl living in Dubai who writes about beauty, make-up and cool places to visit. Sounds legit to me.