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Kerastase Densimorphose Thickening Mousse

20140513_174821Have you ever wondered why salon products are better than those sold at the drug store? And why they are more expensive? The answer is simple: chemists. When developing hair care products, the most qualified (hence the highest paid) chemists are working in the labs of elite brands like Kerastase. And for Kerastase to make money on their products after paying these geniuses, they have to make their products a bit more expensive than Pantene who simply make cheap knock-offs, laden with cheap ingredients.

20140513_173826These well paid geniuses at Kerastase are at it again, this time they have released Densimorphose. This volume enhancing mousse is supposed to support your hair strand by strand, creating visible volume and height from the root to the very tip. Okay, Okay…that sounds just peachy, but there are many expensive, professional salon volume enhancing products on the market. What makes this one so special?  The answer, once again, is simple: Chemistry.

20140513_172757Densimorphose contain glycopeptide – a mix of three amino acids – that improves the structure and quality of the hair and adds vitality and body. And hyaluronic acid helps the hair to hold on to moisture better which keeps it healthy and bouncy. But don’t take my word for it, listen to what the owner of One Salon, Janine Exline, has to say…”I’ve been using the mousse for a while now on myself and on clients and I’ve found that it outperforms all the other thickening products we sell. For someone like myself that has mature, graying hair, it definitely makes my hair thicker and bouncier.” The Densimorphose mousse is part of Kerastase’s Densifique line that also includes a shampoo and a nourishing masque. All are available at One Salon. Don’t thank us, thank chemistry!