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Get To Know Mandy Hayes

317018_10150982499070246_856542679_nWorking at One Salon is the best job I’ve ever had. The reason is simple…I work with great people. Not just great professionals, but people who touch you on a personal level. People of different ages, personalities and interests. People that make you laugh. People that you look forward to seeing everyday. Our One Salon family. That’s what makes us tick, that’s what makes us a success. Where most people’s differences cause a divide, our differences bring us together. We celebrate them, we share them and we laugh about them. We often say we need to make a reality show, but…WE really should. I’d pay to watch it.

600732_10201200424123790_1079438686_nMandy Hayes is one of the amazingly talented and interesting people that make up our crazy, goofy One Salon family. She is an amazing hair designer (better than her ego will allow her to admit) but also soooo much more. She’s edgy yet stunningly beautiful. She’s out there, yet down to earth. She’s thoughtful yet ferociously passionate. She’s a bad ass yet a loving mother and wife. She’s…well, she’s our Mandy and we adore her.

1016530_10202910665718761_126752862_nWhen she’s not churning out fabulous hair designs at the salon, Mandy can be found spending quality family time with her husband Dave, their two sons Gabriel and Michael and their three beloved Pit Bulls: Adam Bomb, Mighty Midas and Batman. In between juggling her responsibilities as a mother, Mandy also somehow finds time to feed her alter ego “Princess Die”, the Professional Roller Derby player for the Detroit Pistoffs. Told you she was a bad ass.


1959743_10203244478303867_1958925032_nLIVES:  “We own a home in Redford.”

FAMILY:  “My husband Dave, he is a tattoo artist at Eternal Tattoo in Livonia. My two boys “Toodles” (Gabriel) and “Tank” (Michael) and my three little babies” (her Pit Bulls). Watching Mandy’s face light up when she talks about her family shows both sides of her. The soft, loving adoring mother, but also the ferociously protective mama bear. Don’t mess with her cubs! And that goes for the Pit Bulls as well. Although, I’m pretty sure they can handle themselves.

460876_10151277228019330_1876282514_oHOBBIES: “I’ve become a soccer mom! I love taking the boys to their games…so proud of them. And of course, roller derby. I’ve been playing for the Detroit Pistoffs for 2 years now and I recently made the Detroit Travel team. It’s made up of members from all the Detroit teams. We travel to Pittsburg, Chicago and we just recently played in Traverse City.”

TV/MOVIES/MUSIC: “I’m not that big of a music fan…I listen to what’s on the radio. If I like it, I like it. Oh, I do like Tom Petty. I’m addicted to Shameless and Modern Family and I love taking the boys to movies. The last one we saw was…the one with the super smart dog…?  Mr. Peabody!”

1461165_10200896644204844_1151404060_nCELEBRITY CRUSH:  All of them…LOL…hmmm…oh, the guy that played Bane in Batman! (Tom Hardy) I’d like to give him the bad touch. And Rihanna, I like her too.

FAV FOOD: “Im a meat and potatoes girl. Give me a good burger, fries and a coke and I’m happy. And of course cake…then I’m reeeeally happy.”

IF I DID NOT WORK AT ONE SALON I WOULD:  “Probably be involved in fashion design.”