One Salon and Spa Michigan

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It’s pronounced Yoo-lee-ah!

20140920_122149There are two things I know for sure about One Salon’s skin care specialist Iulia Fetelea. One, she is a miracle worker when it comes to facials and waxing. Once you see Iulia for your skin care needs, you will see no one else. And two, no one can pronounce her name correctly. It’s pronounced Yoo-lee-ah! Even clients that have known her for years still struggle. Of course, far be it from me to call the kettle black, I called her her Hoo-lee-ah, Hoo-lee-oh and a few other things the first month I worked at One Salon.

Anyhoo…our feisty, little Romanian skin care heroin, played the client on Saturday, as our staff got her and her daughter Bellarosa all gussied up for a big Romanian wedding. And Yooooo-lee-ah, who has threatened to gut me if I ever took a picture of her, actually let me snap some shots of their final look. Check out the dazzling event styles by Beah Tagani and Cristina Gherghinis.