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It’s frizz season!

Summer is here and with it come all those amazing outdoor activities that we love so much. Time to show off your beach body and hit the lake or hang by the pool. Or maybe just simply chill on your deck, catch some rays and enjoy a cocktail with your friends.   Whatever you fancy, it’s time for fun in the sun.

Unfortunately, summer also means it’s frizz season. The one drawback from being outside in all the beautiful weather is the effect the heat and humidity have on your hair. The summer sun can damage your hair, fade your color and leave it frizzy and unmanageable. Which for some of you may be a fair trade off in return for all the outdoor fun you’ll have.

However, if you are concerned about your hair getting out of control this summer, a keratin treatment might be the answer for you.  BKTs, as they are commonly known, replenish your hair with keratin and repair it from the inside out; leaving it smooth, frizz free and manageable. And…as a bonus, it also locks in the color that you just spent a bunch of money on. But don’t take my word for it, check out the informational video featuring Kara Brown, One Salon’s Director of Hair Treatments.