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Things I’ve Learned Running A Hair Salon: Finding the right designer

staceyFinding the right hair designer can be very stressful and difficult. Not unlike a doctor, dentist or even a personal trainer, finding the right hair designer is a highly personal thing. Of course, you want to make sure the person is qualified and an expert at what they do. That goes without saying. However, finding someone that you can connect with personally is just as important. After all, you’re about to entrust this person with your most sacred possession, your body. So being able to communicate, relate and feel comfortable is vital.

KristieWhen I was a young boy, I used to have to go to the “beauty parlor” sometimes with my mom. Besides the stench of perm solution and the crappy magazines like Redbook and Better Homes & Gardens, I remember listening to my mother and her stylist laugh and chit chat about everything. And I mean everything! Nothing was sacred. She would tell her how my sister was too old to be sucking her thumb or how my dad had too much to drink at the Christmas party or how she sent me to bed without dinner because I refused to eat the stuff cabbage she prepared. (I still hate stuff cabbage to this day) I realized that for my mom, a trip to the salon was not just about getting her hair done, it was also about catching up with an old friend. It was about a personal relationship. Full disclosure: my mother now gets her hair done at One Salon. She still calls it a “beauty parlor” and she still refers to her designer, the lovely Lisa Bashor, as a “beauty operator”. Priceless! I love my mom. 

j9 emAt One Salon, we get it. A huge part of our brand philosophy is creating an environment where clients and stylists can form personal bonds. When a new client contacts us, it’s not just about putting them with the best designer, it’s about putting them with the right designer. Our Guest Service staff is trained to ask questions that insure we are matching you up with the right person. Someone who is an expert at working with your hair type and color, but also someone who is going to sync up with your personality; so that your experience at One Salon is always pleasant and enjoyable. We don’t just want you to feel beautiful and love your hair, we want you to feel like you are part of our big, crazy family.