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featured designer / amanda lyman

“When I was 13 years old, I wanted to get a haircut before my family went on summer vacation. My mom was out of town, so my dad took me to his barber.  I got the worse haircut and I cried for hours.  It was bad enough that I was 13 and going through my awkward phase, but now I had a horrible haircut to go with it. I remember saying to myself at that time, I’m going to become a hair designer…so no one will ever have to feel as bad about their hair as I do now”.

Amanda Lyman did become a hair designer, a real good one as a matter of fact; and no one has ever left her chair feeling bad about their hair. She has been doing hair for over 6 years and although she is comfortable with all aspects of hair design, her true passion is color. “It’s just so creative and you can use color to accentuate a client’s face shape and the cut you give them”. Amanda’s friendly and caring demeanor and skill at her craft has transformed her into a rising star at One Salon. “That story is true.  My hair was so bad I wore a hat all summer,” she laughs. “So it is extra rewarding for me to make sure clients are leaving my chair happy and feeling great about the way they look.”