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creating sacred space

Depositphotos_8044361_mI continually stress to my clients the importance of self care. It is the single most important component in creating a healthy mind, body, and spirit. In my last blog post, I talked about the six elements of self care. A few of these elements were meditation/breathing, exercise and journaling. Often the effects of these elements are enhanced by creating a sacred space for practice.

When I first began meditating and journaling years ago, I would simply sit on my couch, the floor, or on my yoga mat. These are wonderful options and will do the trick just fine. However, when we create a sacred space for our practice, we become more grounded, more focused, and our rituals are even more effective. Having a sacred space also encourages practicing our rituals regularly. When we become grounded, focused, and consistent, we tap into our soul on a deeper level and that is where the magic happens. Also note that you can use your space for other activities, such as reading, having a heart to heart with your honey, family time, or even taking a nap. Anything that is sacred to you and close to your heart is a great opportunity to spend time in your space.

Spa night conceptSo how do you create a sacred space? It’s actually very easy! Simply ask yourself these questions: What makes me happy? What is most important to me in my life? What brings me a sense of peace? Whatever answers come to you are what you can use to create your own personal sacred space for practice. For example, my family makes me happy and is very important to me, and incense, candles, warmth, and essential oils bring me a sense of peace. So, my sacred space is set up on my fire place mantle. I put pictures of my family and my cat on my mantle, several candles, my incense burner, and my essential oil diffuser. When I am preparing to meditate, write in my journal, or even do yoga or other exercise, I turn the fire on, light some candles or incense, and practice right in front of my sacred space. This is just so incredibly peaceful.

Spa Set. Burning candles with roses dried leaves and incense stiThere are numerous ways to create your sacred space. You could use a table (large or small), a dresser, or any flat surface. It could be in the corner of a room, or consist of an entire room (which is great if you have that luxury!). You could incorporate your favorite colors, some of your favorite books, fresh flowers, cards or love notes from your significant other, pictures or memories of loved ones who have passed, religious books or symbols, figurines or ornaments, etc. Pretty much anything that is meaningful to you or calms you in some way can be included. The important thing about creating your space is that you create it with an open heart and intention. This is your personal space, so make sure it is something that warms your heart. Items commonly used for a sacred space include: candles, stones and crystals, sage or other dried herbs, incense, statues of the Buddha, table cloths in a favorite color, mala beads, plants, photos, books, journals, and figurines.

With my own sacred space, it only takes up a small area of my home, and it is in the living room where people convene on a regular basis. I can make this work because I have ample alone time at home. However, if alone time is not available to you, you may want to set up your space in a private room, or in any room you can retreat to when others are around. The whole idea is that you have an area specifically for you to get grounded, gain peace, and tap into your soul. The only rule to creating a sacred space is to make sure it is a place that lights you up inside. Tap into your creative side, and really have fun with it.

After writing this blog post, I am now feeling inspired to revamp my sacred space! For those of you who haven’t created one of these yet, it is so exciting and brings so much joy to your home and your heart. Enjoy the process, as this is a gift especially for you.

In peace, joy, and love,

Andrea M.

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