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Summertime Scents

When it comes to Michigan Summers it’s hot and humid. We tend to sweat more and become a scoach unpleasant smelling. Thank the heavens for natural body care from Cereal Fly, a fantastic small business from Detroit, Michigan, who create natural body care products. Their product line consists of  body soaps and scrubs as wells as colognes and perfumes. All are available at the One Salon Boutique, our in-salon gift shop filled with amazing items exclusively created by local artists and crafters.

Cereal Fly’s Prim perfume has been a major hit within the salon. Our female clients are enthralled by its scent. It is aged in vodka with lavender buds, ylang ylang, jasmine essential oils, and organic orange and grapefruit peel to a create a delicate and lightly sweet aroma. Of course, my personal favorite is the Urbane cologne. It is aged for a year in vodka, bay leaf, clove, orange peel, cinnamon sticks and patchouli to produce an earthy, spicy aroma with a hint of citrus

Both Prim and Urbane are amazing scents that last all day and into the next! I’ve had many cologne  on my dresser and once I began using Urbane, it’s pretty much become a mainstay. What’s cool is you can wear both if you want. Certain oils change once they hit a person’s skin and create different reactions and scents.

You can check both these Cereal Fly scents out at the front desk at One Salon. Both are reasonably priced under $13.00 for a cylinder spray bottle that fits nicely in purses, pockets, & backpacks. For more information you can check out their business website -> here