One Salon and Spa Michigan

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Skin Care Specialist / Iulia Fetelea

There are two things I know for sure about One Salon’s skin care specialist Iulia Fetelea. One, she is a miracle worker when it comes to facials, peels, and waxing. Once you see Iulia for your skin care needs, you will see no one else. And two, nobody can pronounce her name correctly. It’s pronounced Yoo-lee-ah! Even clients that have known her for years still struggle. Of course, far be it from me to call the kettle black, I called her Hoo-lee-ah, Hoo-lee-oh and a few other things the first month I worked at One Salon.

“I don’t care what clients call me…just don’t be late for your appointment,” Iulia quips in her feisty Romanian accent that sounds more like a seductive Eastern European heroin from an old World War II movie than a modern day skin care virtuoso.  “When you are in my room, whether you are looking for a perfect eyebrow, or a rejuvenating clinical facial, I will take care of you and make sure you have a relaxing experience.”

Make an appointment today and see why Iulia is the best in the business.