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Self Care: The Key to Living a Fulfilling Life

In today’s society, the power of self care is often either underestimated, or looked upon as unnecessary or even shameful. You may think, why do I need this extra special treatment when I could spend this money at the grocery store, or spend my time running errands, taking the kids to their piano lessons, cooking dinner, or cleaning the house? You may also think, I have really been slacking on my chores lately, and my job is so demanding, I need to accomplish those tasks before I even think about treating myself to something luxurious. What if I told you that, if you give just one hour to yourself each week, you would have more energy than you have ever had? What if I told you that giving to yourself could equal giving to your friends and loved ones tenfold? What if I told you that caring for yourself could get you more recognition at work? I am here to debunk the myths about self care, and tell you why it is not only allowed, but absolutely essential to living a joyful, prosperous, and fulfilling life.

When I first began my journey into self-development, I was not yet aware of how many hours I would have to commit to nourishing myself in order to become the joyful and successful woman I wanted to be. I would sit in that pedicure chair at the salon, or lie on that Reiki table, or chat with my therapist while glancing at my watch thinking, “Gosh, I really have to do those dishes and hit the store…I mean, we are out of toothpaste and garbage bags and I should not be wasting time about it!” My to-do list was calling. I would twirl my hair, bite my fingernails, and my mind was constantly thinking about what I needed to do next. I wasn’t truly enjoying the moment, and to be honest, I thought it was a waste of time. I am sure we can all relate to this to some degree.

What I didn’t realize was the message I was sending to myself: “I am not worthy. I am not important. I don’t deserve the loving care I am receiving right now, and I don’t have time for it.” Those are some powerful statements, and I didn’t realize the POWER I had over myself and my thinking patterns. Not only that, but my business was not thriving, my home life was not the happiest, and surprisingly, as concerned as I was about that toothpaste and the garbage bags, my tasks were not getting accomplished! By not fully taking care of my own needs, I was subconsciously sending the following messages to myself: “I am not worthy of receiving new business. I am not important enough to be nurtured and loved by my family, and because of this, I have no love to give in return. I have no time to accomplish my goals.” By nurturing the self, we allow greater prosperity, love, and feelings of self worth to organically flow into our life. By engaging in regular self care, we send messages to ourselves such as, “I am lovable. I am deserving of all the gifts that flow into my life. I am important and open to receive all the love and abundance that should come my way.” With self care we can receive more gifts in life, as well as give more. Isn’t that truly amazing?!

I am a firm believer that a few minutes per day of self nurturing, particularly in the morning, can truly change your life. But we cannot always do this on our own. Most people need a facilitator, someone who can help you fall into a relaxed and open state with ease and flow. I personally receive a Reiki session, or some form of self care from a facilitator at least once per week, for one hour. When we take a realistic look at how many hours exist in a week (there are 168 by the way), do you think you could take just ONE hour every week to nurture and love yourself? This is absolutely possible! Don’t be afraid to give to yourself, as you are just as important as anyone else. Could you imagine if your children did not receive the love and nourishment they need from you? Of course not. But guess what? If you’re not loving and nourishing yourself, it becomes more difficult, and sometimes in certain cases, impossible, to give that same love to your children. If you can’t do it for you, do it for your family. Trust me, they will thank you for it!

JanNow some of you are probably wondering where to start. Thankfully, I know someone wonderful who can get you moving in the right direction. Each week I take one hour for myself to lie down and receive a Reiki treatment from our amazing Holistic Practitioner, Jan Canete. Reiki is a technique used to promote overall health and wellness of the physical, emotional, and psychological bodies. It promotes deep relaxation, natural self healing for the body, helps with anxiety, depression, and other mental/emotional imbalances, supports the immune system, and more. This is my personal favorite; however, Jan offers a wide variety of services that are just as amazing. Such include: Hot Stone Foot/Hand Treatment, Detoxing Ionic Foot Bath, Foot Reflexology, and Reiki and Reflexology treatments performed in tandem with our incredible massage therapist Cassie. Jan is not only a professional in her field, she is passionate about her work and deeply cares about her clients. Let me tell you from personal experience, this comes through in her work.

I truly believe in the power of self care. I have been engaging actively in self care for over three years and I truly feel the effects. My business is growing with ease and flow. My relationships with my spouse, friends, and family have blossomed, and I am truly a happier and more content person. I always tell people: At the end of the day, you’re all you’ve got, so give yourself everything you can in order to grow, prosper, and be joyful! And it only takes one hour a week.

In peace, love, and abundance,

Andrea MacLaughlin

One Salon Hair Designer / Health Advocate