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New Music Monday

Bad Suns @ El Rey 05162013 06Music is a huge part of the One Salon culture. For some, it inspires creativity and feeds their soul, for others it’s just a vehicle to keep them going during long, grueling days of rocking out awesome hair. We listen to everything at One Salon, but just like with the hair industry, we try to stay on top of the latest and greatest.

Our current band crush is on the Southern California Alt-Rock band Bad Suns. This four piece is made up of Christo Bowman, Gavin Bennett, Miles Morris and Ray Libby. Even though they range in age from 19-22, their sound pays homage to post punk legends of the early 80’s. The band released their debut EP Transpose in January on indie label Vagrant Records and have not looked back.

Bad Suns @ El Rey 05162013 04Bad Sun’s sound can be anthemic at times, but it still has soul. Their angst-ridden, catchy hooks can be hard driving, but they still have heart. Their single “Cardiac Arrest”, which should be a major hit, evokes The Cure, yet maintains the underpinnings of the current crop of breakout artists like The 1975, Two Door Cinema and the like. If The 1975 grew up in California listening to Elvis Costello, The Clash and The Cure, they would sound like the Bad Suns.

Check out the video for “Cardiac Arrest” below.