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Kate Rendi

All Kate Rendi wants is to be normal. To meet new friends up at Michigan State and have them get to know her for the wonderful person she is. Unfortunately, for the past year, that has been a challenge. Kate was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in March of 2012 and during the course of her freshmen year underwent aggressive treatment to battle the cancer. Kate bravely endured both chemo and radiation causing her to lose her hair which she just eventually shaved into a buzz cut.

One year later, Kate’s cancer has not returned and she is getting ready to return to Michigan State for her sophomore year. Her hair has grown out to the point where she can get extensions put in to add some volume and length. She stopped by One Salon earlier this week and One Salon Extension Specialist, Amy Gibson, hooked her up. “I just got tired of explaining to people why I had a buzz cut,” Kate laughed. “They would see my hair and that was the first question out of their mouth. At least now people can get to know me instead of my hair.”