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Julie Fox / Featured Designer

Becoming a hair designer was not Julie Fox’s first career choice. “First I wanted to be an astronaut. But I went to space camp and puked all over my sister, Kara, in the zero gravity chamber. Next I wanted to be a pro cheerleader, but I was told I was too short. Then I wanted to be a marine biologist, but I realized I’m afraid of sharks. And finally I saw Raider’s of The Lost Ark and I was for sure going to become an archeologist!  But I didn’t, I decided to do hair. “Don’t put all that in my bio,” she laughs.

Well, we did and let’s just say that One Salon and hundreds of happy, devoted clients are really ecstatic that Julie is not flying off into outer space or searching for relics in Egypt. Julie has been designing hair for over 19 years and is one of the premier, senior designers at One Salon; which is no big surprise considering how she was raised. “My mom and dad always told me that you can be whatever you want to be, but whatever that is, be the best at it. They instilled a great work ethic in me.”

Julie’s goofy and fun personality along with her skills as a hair designer and that amazing work ethic have propelled her to great things in her career and One Salon is thrilled she is part of our team. “I just love the people. My clients, the staff. I found the right career and I’m trying to be the best at it.”