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Jessie Ware / Devotion

Brilliant debut album from this South London vocalist who never fancied herself a pop star. A delightful breath of fresh air in a music world dominated by over inflated egos and gaudy, cookie cutter, pop-tarts.
–One Salon Life

Adorned with production that’s as sympathetic to UK underground dance as it is to modern R&B and classic soul, Devotion is a classy affair that delights in its own refinement yet stays pinned to the earth, a talented singer and songwriter realizing her potential at just the right moment.
–Resident Advisor

It’s lush, sophisticated pastiche, best epitomized by debut single Running.
–Now Magazine

Although musically paved in 60’s R&B and 80’s ambient sound, Jessie Ware’s debut album managed to be the most refreshing music that ever came to my ears this year. Her classy voice and dark melodies send shivers down my spine at each song of it. Even though her songwriting is obviously a bit raw and natural, it doesn’t weakens the substance of the discussion of love made by her. Stellar debut, stunning career ahead.
–Pop Matters

It’s the 27-year-old’s patience that dominate this sultry debut.
–Q Magazine

One of most interesting albums of the year. The songs are a great combination of pure Jessie Ware’s voice and broken rhythmically electronic sounds. Pop of the highest quality
–The Fly (UK)

Despite the myriad references [Sade, Aaliyah]…it’s clear Ware has found a voice of her own on Devotion.