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healing food

I believe in healing. I believe our body has an ability to heal greater than anyone has allowed us to believe. I believe this because it has happened to me, and it continues to happen every day.  I am amazed at Mother Nature’s ability to provide us with food, nourishment, and healing, no matter how much we continue to destroy our earth. Plants were created especially for us, for our healing and nourishment. Let us use them kindly and with gratitude, for they are what have kept us alive for thousands of years.

Here are my favorite five foods from nature that are great to have around the house:

  1. CAYENNE PEPPER – Cayenne pepper is a member of the chile pepper family, and has numerous medicinal qualities. Cayenne is a source of vitamin C and antioxidants. It regulates blood flow, equalizes and strengthens the heart, arteries, and nerves, and is excellent for the digestive system. Cayenne also has amazing antimicrobial properties, and can be used as an antiseptic wash. This pepper is quite powerful, so use caution as a little goes a long way. As an example, I add just a pinch to my 16 oz smoothie each morning, and I can still taste the spice!
  2. LEMONS – Lemons are remarkable…I cannot say enough great things about them! Lemons aid digestion by supporting liver function. They improve the absorption of minerals, cleanse the blood, relieve sore throats and hiccups, and help with weight loss. Lemons can be used externally for healing sores and relieving irritation from bug bites and sunburns. They alkalize the body, as their alkaline content is five times greater than their acidic content. Lemons are a great source of vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin B1.
  3. COCONUT OIL – Coconut is a nutritious source of meat, juice, milk, and oil that has nourished people around the world for generations. Coconut is valued so highly as a source of food and medicine that it is called “The Tree of Life.” Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties and is an excellent source of healthy fats. With its rich source of medium chain fatty acids, coconut oil is easily digested and immediately burned by the body for energy. This helps boost metabolism and helps the body use fat for energy as opposed to storing it. It is also the most stable oil when exposed to heat and excellent to cook with.
  4. BANANAS – Nutrient dense in dietary fiber, potassium, and magnesium, the banana can be thought of as nature’s energy bar.  Bananas improve the body’s ability to absorb calcium and contain a rich source of prebiotics, which nourish the probiotics (friendly bacteria) found in the colon. Add some sliced bananas and walnuts to your oatmeal for a tasty and healthy breakfast.
  5. RAW ORGANIC CACAO POWDER – Cacao has more antioxidants than any other food tested so far, including blueberries, red wine, and green tea. In the ORAC chart, which measures the effectiveness of antioxidants to absorb free radicals, raw cacao powder is at the top of the antioxidant list, with almost four times the amount of antioxidants as goji berries. Cacao is derived from Theobroma Cacao beans, which means “Food of the Gods.” A great culinary use for cacao powder: Make a delicious hot cocoa with organic coconut milk, stevia or raw honey, and cinnamon.

Contributor: Andrea Mclaughlin – Hair Designer/Health Advocate