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Hair Changes Vs. Life Changes

What life changes are you going through? I have noticed that many celebrities change their hair color not only for movies roles, but for personal reasons as well. For example, when Britney Spears was spiraling out of control in 2007, not only did she shave her head, but when she grew her hair back, she kept her natural brown color. The same can be said for Lindsay Lohan going from red to blonde or countless other celebs that have suddenly, drastically changed their look during tumultous times in their personal life. Of course, you don’t have to be a celebrity or out of control to change your look. Us common folk go through our own share of life changes and emotions, often times sparking a desire to change our appearance. Some people get tattoos, so people may opt for plastic surgery, however, the easiest way to give yourself a makeover is by changing your hair.

Does your inner monologue tell you to dye your hair when you go through a bad break up? Exclaiming, “Look at me! This what you’re going to be missing…jerk!” Or maybe you opt for a sassy, edgy, cut after the birth of a child because you feel empowered. “I am a confident, powerful woman, hear me roar!” Or perhaps a set of elegant, flowing extensions, or a beautiful ombre may lift your spirits, making you look and feel sexy. Life changes really do seem to dictate our personal style.

Here are some beautiful transformations our designer Danielle Capaldi did recently. Adding some color really gave these beautiful girls some contrast and dimension in their hair and changed the energy around them. We don’t know what you’re going through personally, but a little hair magic might be just what your spirit needs.