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Gina Sheehy at One Salon!

Continued education for our staff is one of the fundamental principles One Salon was founded on. We believe that we are always learning and constantly evolving as a salon in order to provide our clients with the best experience possible. It is vital that our staff be experts at the technical side of hair design, but at the same time, it is just as important that they receive marketing and communication education. Clients personalities are unique and they all absorb information differently. Our team is trained to tailor their consultative approach to best suit the personality of each client.

Last week One Salon was lucky enough to have an amazing guest speaker address our staff. Her name is Gina Sheehy and she is he Director of Business Training and the Director of Key Relationship Management for KAO USA Goldwell KMS. Gina was flown in from Chicago to impart her knowledge of client communication and relationship. Her class focused on how different groups of clients require different triggers to process information during a consultation. For example, some clients are visual and need brochures, reading material and pictures to form an opinion, where others can process verbal ideas. It was a very entertaining and insightful class that reinforced that each one of our guest’s needs are unique and they should always leave the salon feeling as if they had been treated as such.