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get to know…lauren wethington

374135_999034859228_809488321_nOne of the unique things about One Salon is the schedule flexibility we provide our designers. Most salons are very rigid. Designers have to work a certain schedule, on certain days, with no exception. And, for the most part, salons frown on part-time designers and rarely hire them. One Salon Owner, Janine Exline has a much different philosophy. She understands people have lives outside the salon and allows them to adapt their schedule behind the chair to meet the needs of their life. Some have children, some are in school and there always seems to be a few designers who are pregnant (don’t drink the water at One Salon). Of course, we provide guidance and recommendations to our designers, especially newbies, in order to insure they are working a schedule that is going to be beneficial to their career objectives. 374460_10100643046047618_1448111553_nBut for the most part our philosophy is simple: find a schedule that works for your life and then immerse yourself in our One Salon culture and do exceptional hair. All are welcome, whether you are a career hair designer or a part-timer trying to decide what path your life is going to take.

Which brings me to our lovable, stunning and always smiling One Salon Designer, Lauren Wethington. She would fall into the category of ‘what direction is my life going to take’. And lets be clear, that in no way means Lauren is a slacker or does not do fabulous hair. Cuz she does…and we would love nothing more than if she decided to make One Salon and hair design her full time career.

559752_10100841234331708_683679020_nLauren is currently in school studying Marketing and works part-time at One Salon. “I guess I just love to learn,” laughs Lauren exposing her big, bright, trademark smile. “Actually, I started college when I was younger, but after two years kinda burnt out on it and really wanted to go to beauty school. When I decided to go back to college, most salons did not want a part-timer working for them. I’m so appreciative to One Salon for giving me the opportunity and the flexibility to work as a hair designer and continue my studies. It’s huge!” Well, One Salon is happy to have Lauren. She’s a pro.  She comes to work, rocks out amazing hair and puts smiles on her client’s faces. We would love to see her stunning, red hair and big, bright smile around the salon more often. Perhaps when she finishes her Marketing degree, she’ll want to market herself as a full-time hair designer at One Salon.


934913_10100688512532418_1210635300_nPOSITION: Hair Designer

LIVES: “In Detroit with my fiancé. In the Brush Park area a few blocks from Comerica Park”.

FAMILY: “My mom, dad and lil sister…although I have no idea what is going on with her. She is living in a tree house or something in Costa Rica…doing an internship as an Ecological Research Assistant. She could be farming worms for all I know.”

28053_10100558867841418_1623322348_nHOBBIES: “I love, love, love, music! Going to shows, buying records! I also enjoy reading and writing and I love to cook.”

MUSIC: “Radiohead is my go to band. Love them. I’m also a big fan of the 90’s brit-pop scene…Blur, Stone Roses, Pulp. I pretty much love everything but Country. Everyone says that don’t they? Lol.”

12626_10100820584154828_91605418_nFAV TV SHOW: “Breaking Bad. I know it’s over, but it is still my favorite. Hmmm…what else? Oh, I just started watching True Detectives on HBO.”

FAV FOOD: “I love Mexican and Asian food. I secretly love chicken wings, but I’m a vegetarian, so I don’t eat them anymore. Oh, and I’m obsessed with peanut butter, I eat it right out of the jar.”

IF I COULD BE ANYTHING IN THE WORLD I WOULD BE: “Probably a rock star, but I don’t have any musical talent.”