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Get To Know…Brooke Schrauben…again!

1044899_10201334286060110_1402118467_nSo when I first came up with the idea of the”Get To Know…” series, the idea was to provide a personal, fun, goofy peek into the life of each person that works at One Salon. We already have the “Designer Bios” on-line, which provide more of a professional/technical background, but I really wanted to provide people with more personal in-site into our staff. If people didn’t have skills, they would not be behind a chair, that goes without saying, but what really makes this place special is the eclectic mix of personalities that make up our crazy family and our One Salon Life. It’s what creates the atmosphere, the electricity and the momentum that keeps us all chugging along.

Brooke7However, I would be remiss if I did not mention that the point of the blog is also to market our brand and create content to feed that Social Media Monster’s insatiable appetite. And in my haste to do so, I sacrificed creativity just to feed the monster some content. In other words, the first profile on Brooke Schrauben was less than spectacular. Which is borderline criminal as Brooke is beyond spectacular! Since then, I have honed my idea and summoned my creative writing skills and put out a profile of Jes Lovell; our quirky, lovable and out right hilarious Guest Care babe and then on Tuesday dropped some science on our superstar designer Amy Gibson. All of which led to our little Brookie 1186169_10200632714881269_1178139528_nBrooke calling me out on my folly. Well, not really, cuz that’s not Brooke’s style. She is the most laid back, non dramatic person I know. However, she did say I made her sound like a country-bumkin. Lol.

Brooke is far from a country bumpkin, it’s not like she comes to work in overalls, talking about the cows she milked that morning. But Brooke is a small town girl from Portland, Michigan, now making it happen in the “big city” in a big way! And that small town upbringing, sense of family and amazing work ethic is part of what makes her so special and I would opine…so successful, so quickly. She is the type of girl who is just as comfortable in pair of jeans and T-shirt as she is in the latest, hippest fashion. She could fish all day with her 971242_4855500066332_74718160_ncousins, and then put on a dress and some pumps and turn heads at wedding. She could hang with the boys at the sports bar watching her beloved Michigan State Spartans and then hours later be the hottie at the club all the boys wanna hang with. She is comfortable with who she is, enjoys what she enjoys and has no need for validation or the spotlight. As a matter of fact, she is probably going to be uncomfortable with all the acclaim I just piled on her…but that’s our Brooke, modest, adorable, grounded and real…oh, and a bad as hair designer.

GET TO KNOW…BROOKE SCHRAUBEN1001538_10200284639979614_402126674_n

POSITION:  Superstar Hair Designer, Extension Specialist, Viking Warlord

LIVES IN:  “Northville.  Grew up in Portland, Michigan.”

FAMILY:  “I have a huge family.  Over 60 first cousins…actually, I think 69 to be exact.”

FAV FOOD:  Anything Italian!  Specifically, anything from Florence.  When I visited Italy, I had the must amazing food I’ve ever eaten.

FAV TV SHOW:  “Michigan State football or basketball.  I’m a proud Sparty!  Oh, and The Bachelor.  I watch that too, but don’t tell anyone.”

304395_3742676406436_1323714243_nLAST MOVIE SEEN:  “Wolf Of Wall Street. I love me some Leonardo.”

CELEBRITY CRUSH:   “That guy from Breaking Bad…the meth-head Jessie (Aaron Paul) or Leonardo Dicaprio”

HOBBY/PASTIME:  “Spending time with my awesome, gigantic family is my favorite thing to do. In the summer I go up to our cottage every chance I get and just relax.”

IF I DID NOT DO HAIR FOR A LIVING I WOULD:  “Be a professional traveller.”

To view Brooke’s professional bio,  Click Here