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Get To Know Candice Schabestiel

Candice2There are some people that you come across in life that just seem to always be happy. They just exude light and always seem to be positive and upbeat; like nothing in the world can keep them down. Now, we all know that with the exception of a few buddhist monks and maybe Jimmy Fallon, that’s just not the case. In an increasingly stress filled world, everyone gets the blues sometimes. We are human, it’s natural. I mean, how would you know you were happy if you have never been sad?

10350631_10152380064475979_6548875561624941086_nOne Salon’s Candice Schabestiel might be the exception to this rule. I swear she came out of her mother’s womb smiling and laughing and has never looked back. Candice’s bubbly and good natured demeanor never fails to light up the salon. There’s something ethereal about her like a fairy godmother. I often joke that when she wakes up in the morning, all the cute, little, furry forest animals are gathered around her bed while little hummingbirds fly over her clothes like Snow White. Considering she used to have a beloved cockatoo named Squirt as a pet, I may be onto something.

10370892_10152466634585979_143794421055223426_nCandice also possesses one of the best laughs I have ever heard. It suits her perfectly…as if a Hollywood writer created it as the essential attribute of a lovable sitcom character. Part giggle, part cackle, you can always hear it in all it’s spectacular awesomeness above the din of blowdryers and idle chit chat on the salon floor. It never fails to put a smile on my face.

I’m sure Candice gets sad and mad or anxious just like the rest of us, but you would never know. She always shows up to work with her trademark smile and greets me with an amiable, high pitched…”Hi Craig”!  Simply put, Candice is a kind soul and a delight to be around and we are so happy to have her as part of our One Salon family.


7937_10200333286878939_115232636_nLIVES:  “I live in Clawson with my fiancee, Matt Leblanc…not the guy from friends.”

FAMILY:  “Matt and I are getting married in September. He’s a Physical Therapist and a part time rock star in the band Dividing Line. And then of course there is our 10 month old baby Ray…and our Beagle named Riley.”

one salon lifeHOBBIES: “Hmm… I’m kinda boring. (classic Candice laugh) I like the outdoors. I like to take the dog for walks and take Ray out in his stroller. Lets see, what else?  I just started doing Yoga and I really like it. Oh…I know! I like scrapbooking! (another classic Candice laugh) It’s so geeky, but I love to do it.”

TV/MOVIES/MUSIC:  “Orange Is The New Black is my new favorite show. I loved Breaking Bad and Dexter of course…oh and Sex & The City and Golden Girls…I can relate to Rose.  The last movie I saw was Captain Phillips and I loved it. But Matt had to drag me to go see it cuz I thought it was going to be a cheesy pirate movie like Pirates of The Caribbean. (LOL)  And I love Country music…all kinds.”

one salon stylistCELEBRITY CRUSH:  James Dean!  I’ve alway had an obsession with old Hollywood.

FAVORITE FOOD:  “On holidays, I make something called Roulden. It’s German. You take thin pieces of chipped beef and roll it with bacon, pickles and mustard. It’ so good. My grandfather used to make it, but no one kept his recipe. I actually had some German clients that taught me how to make it.”

IF YOU DID NOT WORK AT ONE SALON YOU WOULD PROBABLY:  Work as a manager at a high end hotel. I’ve always liked that business…taking care of guests.