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Get To Know…Amy Gibson

262427_10150406468173902_4787741_nI call her Gib-BAAAAAAY, and I’m pretty sure she hates it, but you may know her as Amy Gibson. She is one of our superstar designers at One Salon and we adore her. Amy is our resident Brit, which makes her cooler than everyone else cuz she has an accent…duh. Her dry wit keeps us all in stitches and everything she says just sounds awesome, cuz, well, she says it with a British accent. Seriously though, our love for Gibby extends beyond her accent and her colorful hair. Amy is a rock star when it comes to designing hair (click here for her professional bio) and an overall amazing person. She is exactly the type of person you would want to represent your brand…or marry your son. And did I mention she has an awesome accent?


POSITION:  Superstar hair designer, extension specialist and cheeky monkey.

LIVES IN:  “Novi. I just moved here from Fashionable Ferndale.”

FAMILY:  “My mum and dad, Toria and Steve, my little sis Holly and my brother Lee…who is getting married in Italy in May.”

FAV FOOD:  “Anything chocolate!  And pesto pasta.  But I love chocolate and I’m really good at eating it.”

FAV TV SHOW:  New Girl

gibbyLAST BOOK READ:  Allegiant, it’s written by the woman who wrote the Divergent trilogy…And I’m currently reading A Winter’s Tale for the One Salon Book Club.”

LAST MOVIE SEEN:  “Her…that movie with Joaquin Phoenix. Where he falls in love with the computer.  I liked it a lot…a lot more than I thought I would.”

CELEBRITY CRUSH:  “It will always be Heath Ledger. I’m still so sad that he’s gone. But a more realistic crush would be Phil from Modern Family. He’s more like the type of guy I would want to marry.”

MUSIC:  I listen to everything but Country.  Right now I’m really into The Lumineers and Mumford & Sons.

163486_10150368914675246_4069679_nHOBBIES/PASTIME:  I love to read.  And I just got a piano for Christmas, so I’m going to start playing again.  I started drawing again and I really enjoy eating chocolate…did I mention that already?  No, seriously, I ate an 18 ounce bag of Cadbury Mini-Eggs in 3 days.”

IF I DID NOT WORK AT ONE SALON I WOULD:  “Probably be a psychologist or social worker or nurse.  Something where I could help people.”