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friday party mix!

It’s Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday! That means it’s time to let loose after a long grueling week toiling away at your job.  Head to the bar, head to the club, head to the lake or just head to your own backyard! It’s time to get your swerve on with some ice cold beverages and some good friends. And a party is not complete without great music. So today I offer up to you the One Salon Party Mix, the perfect soundtrack for anyone looking to get a little sideways and dance your heinie off. And yes, of course, there is a story behind this mix…

Back in February we had our One Salon Holiday party. After an amazing year of doing hair our staff was ready get loose and have a good time. And when I say a good time, I mean a wake-up-in-the-morning-with-mysterious-bruises-all-over-your-body-missing-a-shoe-feeling-like-Bob-Dylan-slept-in-your-mouth kind of a good time. Only to realize your not in your house. Yeah…it was like that.

So, I called up my good friend and future Mayor of Hamtramck Cathie Gordon, and we rented out her bar, the New Dodge Lounge for the night. Next, I rented two 30 passenger party buses to safely transport the staff to and from the party and brought in a ton of amazing food from our friends at Enzo’s Catering. All I had left to do was organize the entertainment. A daunting task when you are dealing with hair designers whose musical tastes range from the Rolling Stones to Ke$ha and everything in between. The answer? Free Beer! No really, Free Beer, the amazing cover/party band. I called my friend and former agent, Jim Edelman, who just happens to be the guitarist for Free Beer and set it up. So I had the live entertainment covered. Now I had to line up the dance music for the all important midnight-2am alcohol-infused-dance-floor-mayhem. I was about to hire the immortal Joshua Adams, who had DJ-ed many of our One Salon shindigs in the past, but instead my staff convinced me to do it myself. DJ Limecoat Craig was coming out of retirement for one night! Well, sort of.

I was tasked with keeping the party going and making my staff of drunken hair designers happy. Kind of daunting for an old, jaded techno-house DJ who really despises most of the current pop/dance music. But nonetheless, a fun project. So that’s the story of how this mix came about. It starts out with some really funky, banging house tracks and disco re-edits and then moves its way through some more electro stuff from Calvin Harris and Static Revenger. Then of course, a nice helping of prog house remixes from Britney, Ke$ha, Rhianna and the like. And I finished it off with some 90’s electronica from the Chemical Brothers and Crystal Method. And you know what? The damn thing kinda flowed and worked out. The highlights for me? Mixing out of “Smack My Bitch Up by Prodigy into the amazing Beastie Boys “Sabotage” remix by Alex Metric and then into “White Trash Party” by Eminem. However, I think my favorite moment was dropping the Mash-Up from the Bloodhound Gang and Cutting Crew…Bad Touch vs. Died in Your Arms. Priceless, if you’re a fan of Mash-Ups.

Find the link to the mix below. It served us well during a crazy night of debauchery back in February, perhaps it will be your soundtrack for a crazy night this summer. Play it, share it, download it!


Limecoat Craig / One Salon General Manager