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So I’m walking into work the other day and I see our resident Brit and Extension Specialist, the lovely and sassy Amy Gibson dyeing extensions and I ask, “Watchoo doing Gibby?” “Dyeing extensions what does it look like dumb ass.” Touche. A dumb question was deserving of such a snarky reply. However, what I really meant to ask was, “Holy crap Gibby, who is getting those bad ass purple extensions?” Full disclosure: she still probably would have called me a dumb ass.

Anyhooo…the answer to that question is our lovely client, Christina Maniaci of Canton. And when I asked Christina why she chose to go with such a bold look, the story just warmed my 40-Something New Wave heart. “I’ve got front row seats for the Depeche Mode concert and I wanted something striking and cool. I’m obsessed with them.  Do you like them?”  “Of course,” I replied. “I had front row seats when I saw them back in 1993.” God I’m getting old. Actually, I prefer the term ‘veteran young guy’, but I digress.

Gibby meticulously put in Christina’s extensions while we chatted, regaling each other with stories our favorite Depeche Mode songs, albums, concerts, etc., when out of the blue I heard someone say, “Who’s Depeche Mode?” Christina and I whirled our heads around, both incredulous that someone would ask such a question. “Only one of the best bands ever!” Christina exclaimed with the kind of passion that would make a Justin Bieber fan seem passive. “It’s OK Christina. That’s just Brooke. She’s 23 and has only heard of Taylor Swift…lol”

With the last extension fastened, Gibby and I stepped back and took a gander. Bam! Christina had that super-sexy-freaky-cool look she was going for. So, if you happen to see a girl running on stage at the Depeche Mode concert with purple extensions…you can thank One Salon.