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featured designer / danielle capaldi

Danielle Capaldi has always loved the arts.  She’s a dance instructor, a clothing designer and or course a hair stylist at One Salon. “I’ve always loved doing creative things. Whether it’s ballet, knitting a funky hat or sewing something cool on an old pair of jeans to give them a whole new look; I just like creating”. When she was in high school, Danielle’s creativity led her to hair. “I said to myself one day, I’m an artist, I can cut hair”.  Unfortunately, her sister ended with a big whole on her head. “Yep, I cut a big chunk out of her hair. I also turned my friends highlights yellow and fuchsia. That’s when I thought, I should probably go to beauty school and learn how to do this.”

Danielle attended the Douglas J Aveda Institute in Ann Arbor and has now been cutting hair for over 7 years.  She specializes in layering longer, curly hair and putting smiles on peoples faces with her cheerful, out going personality. “I love meeting new people and inspiring them to change their look or go for something new”. Danielle is also an Ombre specialist and loves the styling aspect of hair. “Styling is a passion of mine…events styles…any kind of styles. I give an awesome blow dry too. That’s important! It’s hard for a client to style their hair the next day unless you give them a really good blow out”.