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featured designer / katie petrous

Katie Petrous joined the One Salon team 2 years ago.  She is a cutting specialist with over six years of advanced training. Katie specializes in cutting and styling long, thick, ethnic hair and creates stunning event style up-dos. “I’m Maltese, so I have real thick, ethnic hair.  When I was young, I never liked any of my haircuts. They would always chop all my hair off or cut it into a mullet. I’m amazed at how many people do ‘face shaping’ wrong on long hair. You have to personalize the cut to the proportions of the face”.

Katie is a great communicator and puts a huge emphasis on the consultation process. “Obviously, you have to pay attention to what the client wants, but I think a mistake a lot of stylists make is that they are afraid to tell a client “no”, or explain to them why something they want may not work. What I mean, is that everyone has different hair texture and bone structure, therefore, a cut they see in a magazine may not work on them. It just won’t look the same because of their hair type or face shape. People spend a lot of money on their hair and I’d rather be honest and upfront, then have them be unhappy with a cut.”

Katie also prides herself on giving her clients amazing blowouts. “The blowout is key. If you do the proper blowout, then a client can easily style their hair at home for 2 or 3 days without having to wash it again…and that’s the whole reason they came to the salon in the first place”.