One Salon and Spa Michigan

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featured album / Settle by Disclosure

We love our music at One Salon, but it’s a constant battle to keep everyone designer happy. Obviously, our first concern is our guests. We always make sure we are not playing anything offensive that would ruin their experience. So…don’t fret, you are not going to walk in and hear us blaring Metallica. (although I’m sure some of our staff would love it) However, we do like to bump our tunes a little bit. And actually, it is out of necessity as much as pleasure. Our designers need upbeat tunes to keep them going during their long shifts. If you were cutting hair for 9 hours straight listening to Adele, you would probably fall asleep too. And at the same time, honestly, we just like to keep it fun and funky, that’s part of the One Salon experience.

One of our favorite records right now is “Settle” by Disclosure. Guy and Howard Lawrence are the british brothers behind Disclosure and they have served up a brilliant dance music record that is as deserving of radio success as anything that’s been released lately. It definitely keeps us grooving at One Salon. Peep some tracks from “Settle” and read more about it, including a track by track review at the links below.