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cabokiLet me preface this whole post by saying I have never really been that concerned about my hair loss. My hair started thinning on the back of my head when I was about 36. I’ve never felt embarrassed or self conscious. I’ve shaved my head, I’ve grown my hair back, shaved it again, grown it back again, whatever. There could be a lot worse things that happen to me than hair loss.

However, for many men and women, hair loss is very troubling. They try all kinds of products searching for the miracle cure. Now I’m no expert, but as far as I know, there is no cure for hair loss. Sure there are things that can help manage it. One Salon sells many products that help thicken and strengthen the hair you have left, but nothing that magically regrows hair.

one salon caboki hair productsBut I did recently stumble upon something that can help with the hair loss problem. It’s a product called Caboki. One of the designers at the salon (who shall remain nameless as to protect the identity and vanity of her spouse) found the stuff and tried it out on her hubbie. She posted before and after pictures and our jaws at One Salon collectively dropped! The coverage was amazing and it looked like natural hair. So…of course I bought some so the other designers at the salon could play with it using me as their guinea pig. The result? Cobaki is legit. Im not sure why, I’m not sure how, but this stuff covers your thin spots or bald spots and you cannot tell. It looks real.

caboki hair growthSo what is it? Caboki is hair replacement fibers made from a plant called Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum. It’s a variety of cotton (also known as Levant cotton) that grows only in the arid regions of Morocco. Whaaaaaat? Yep. Go figure. The fibers from this plant have surface optical properties very similar to human hair, which is why it looks so natural. And here’s the crazy part, the fibers of this plant carry a negative electrical charge. Human hair is positively charged. The result is a bonding through natural electromagnetic forces. So no special spray or glue is required. You just sprinkle it on. Swear to god. It’s nuts. The 3 pictures have not been doctored at all. The top one is me and the other two are hubbies of our designers. Stuff is legit.

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