One Salon and Spa Michigan

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You can find many unique gift items in One Salon’s Boutique. One of the more interesting is a line of soaps and lip balms made by Aromaholic. So what makes these soaps so unique? Well, they are all scented after liquors and beers. Jeez! Where were these when my mom told me she was going to wash my mouth out with soap?

So…perhaps you’re wondering where this unconventional idea originated. It all started back in 2005, when Aromaholic owner, Elizabeth Drabik, first started experimenting with essential oils in making homemade cleaning products. At the time she just wanted an inexpensive and pleasant-smelling alternative to chemical-laden cleaners. “I went a little overboard purchasing oils in bulk – first sign of an aromaholic? And, in looking for something else to do with them, decided to try my hand at cold-process soap making.” However, Liz quickly realized that there’s a lot of handmade soap out there and her soap needed…a twist.

Aromaholic Body Care Product Line: An idea is born! One evening Liz was having drinks with her friends – specifically, gin and tonics. She had just gotten some awesome Bosnian juniperberry essential oil, and had a ton of lime and lemongrass essential oils laying around. Suddenly it occurred to her that she could make a kick-ass Gin and Tonic soap with those exact ingredients. Thus, the idea for soaps scented like liquor was born – after all, mixers and liquors and wines come from plants, just like essential oils. Rum and Coke soap came next, then Mojito, White Russian, Lemon Drop, Jagerbomb, Bloody Mary, Whiskey Shower, along with a collection of craft beer soaps scented like their respective brews, such as Hefeweizen and Vanilla Porter.

The future looks bright for Aromaholic as their liqour scented soaps were recently featured in the Style Watch section of People Magazine. So, as long as bartenders keeping inventing drinks, Aromaholic will keep inventing soaps.