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5 things I can’t live without this fall

As the weather gets colder and fall kicks into full effect, there are many things this girl needs to keep a hop in my step. However, I thought to myself, what if I could not have them all? What are the five things that I cannot live without this fall/winter season?  Hmmm?  That’s tough for this self proclaimed fashionista. But for the sake of this blog post here goes…

1.  CAPTIVE LIPSTICK by MAC – This is my go to fall/winter lipstick shade. The deep red with a hint or purple is a big trend this year. The matte look brings out my natural complexion and gives a little pop of color during the those cold, gray winter months.

2. BLACK PHILLIP LIM PURSE – This constructed bag is an affordable, sensible version of the classic black Celine luggage tote. For high fashion ladies who also like to save a little cash. I love this bag!

3. DOC MARTENS BOOTS – These are my favs! The combat chic look will never go to of style. They are perfect for fall and winter because they keep my tootsies warm while still looking subtly grunge.

4. FAUX SHEARLING BONDED BIKER COAT  – What i love about this coat is that the fur keeps me warm, but does not over power the look. A lot of times with winter coats, you have to sacrifice style for functionality. Not the case with this coat. I feel warm and I still feel cute. It’s the perfect combination of leather and fur without looking like you threw on you grandma’s old coat.

5. CELINE CL 41801/S PRETTY SUNGLASESS – I adore these glasses for their hot, classic, rounded, thick shape that project a retro Audrey Hepburn style. They are big and bold, yet don’t cover your whole face.

Contributor: Abigail Nichols